Used Teardrop Uprights for Pallet Racks

Frames are comprised of two open-back steel posts with a number of horizontal and diagonal braces depending on the height of the upright. These posts have industry-standard teardrop style slots spaced every 2″ to accommodate a wide range of beam adjustments. Heavy, bolted-on diagonal and horizontal braces are used throughout the entire frame. The number of which depend on frame height. Footplates are bolted onto the base of the post which are in turn attached to the floor with anchor bolts. This provides a sturdy platform for the uprights to rest.

Uprights in 42” deep
20×42 16×42 14×42 12×42 8×42 6×42

Uprights in 36” deep
14×36 12×36 10×36  8×36 6×36

Uprights in 48”
20×48 16×48 14×48 12×48 10×48 8×48 6×48

Tire Racks Uprights in 24”
6×24 8×24 10×24

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